Copenhagen Games day 3

POSTED BY Teo 14 April, 2017 in League of legendsMedia, Organization, Overwatch,
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After a few days at the event with some slight delays, we have had the chance to play a lot of matches with both our Overwatch and League of Legends teams here at the event. We are now moving in on our final day of games and we are looking stoked to play the grand finals for the League of Legends at the event. We will be going live on stream at 17:30 today and we are going to be going all in as we play it through.

Our Overwatch team was matched up against the strongest seeds, and unfortunatly based out at the 6th place, and we are happy that we got as far as we did with all the top tier Finnish teams participating!

Now we play our Finals today, and for tonight we have a special surprise match we will be letting people know about on Facebook!

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