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POSTED BY Teo 11 April, 2017 in Organization
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Copenhagen, Denmark – 10th of April, 2017: Today we are happy to announce our second partners for Magistra with Dombai Sports Shop  joining the team. They will be joining us as our apparel sponsors, and helping us present our teams new jerseys this week at Copenhagen Games where both our League of Legends and our Overwatch teams will be playing.

Dombai Sports Shop has worked with several Danish teams before and we have been looking for the right partner whom we could work with in order to create the first generation of jerseys for our players, and will be working with them for the coming year. Our contract for a year, will be based not only on production, and a new merchandise store for our apparel (currently being populated), but also in the hope that they can help us achieve a progressive look for our team. We will be working with them to launch several products in the future, and also looking into what other options we can grow together with Magistra.

At the Dombai Sports Shop you can buy a variety of apparel for gamers from different teams, and accesorries, gaming chairs, and more, go check them out online!

As our first Jerseys are now ready for a reveal, you can see what they will look like here, and we will be taking photos with the team on Wednesday of this week!


Welcome aboard.

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Dombai Facebook  (ENG)

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