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POSTED BY Teo 7 April, 2017 in Organization
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Copenhagen, Denmark – 7th of April, 2017: Magistra is proud to announce that we are going to be partnered with Komplett as of today. This will be our first time working together and we are overjoyed to have them aboard.

The Komplett Group is the Nordic countries’ largest e-commerce retailer, with  over 20 years of experience. Komplett operates in countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany as well. Its corporate headquarters are in Sandefjord, Norway.

Danish esport has in many ways always been related to Komplett for years. Komplett has always been a brand leader investing in esports in Denmark and has backed many top tier teams in the past. We have the talent, and keep bringing in results with our organisation. The reason that Komplett and Magistra are working together is that we share a common sense of values for patience, quality, and results.

Being backed by a major brand like Komplett is a huge thing, the team has slowly, but surely taken steps towards building and expanding since our management changes in December of last year. In 4 months time we managed to win a major tournament abroad, and stapled our dominance at home. As our organisation looks to expand into the future we are happy to have strong partners with along the way to help us take this step. Allan Petersen, CEO

We are happy to be representatives of Komplett and hope that we can make them proud in the future.

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