League team to attend Dreamhack Summer 2017

POSTED BY Eutaku 19 April, 2017 in League of legendsOrganization,
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After taking the win at Copenhagen Games, and overall walking through the finals, we are ready to announce our next LAN event, DREAMHACK!

Thanks to the support that the team has had and their solid performance during the last few LAN events we are sending our League of Legends roster to participate in Dreamhack Summer 2017. The prizepool is 60.000 SEK and we are confident that we can take home a top position with the roster.

Morten ‘Gentle Charming’ Yding will be back on the main roster for this event, and we will be getting ready for the tournament from now on.

We have also signed up for the Open Challenger Series Qualifier that starts the 26th of April, plus will be attending another major qualifier which our team later this month. We will be keeping you guys posted about the progress, and wanted to thank ‘Tjalfyyy’ for standing in for us at Copenhagen Games 2017! It’s going to be great to head to Dreamhack with the team, and we will look forward to seeing you guys there!

All in all there are a lot of cool things coming in the near future!

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