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POSTED BY Teo 5 December, 2016 in Organization
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In a short time span we have undergone a lot of changes at Magistra. With the addition of new staff, our CS:GO roster and League of Legends roster we are looking to 2017 to take the scene by storm. We now have a new website to follow the development of our team, news, and organisation.

Magistra started out with a strong lead since its founding in July of 2016. In November of 2016 already the team has been reformatted with a brand new CS:GO lineup which we know can do well and get far in the scene. The team is practicing everyday with the new roster and in the beginning of 2017 the practice and their level will be apparent to those on the scene that have already welcomed our new team through various media sites.

Adding a League of Legends roster that has had a few changes already was a smart choice, because they instantly started out the season by making their mark in the Danish Master League placing second without much time to practice together. I think that when we go to Insomnia the 9th to 11th of December we will be able to see a clear level and president for the team that will staple us as a solid top team not only in Denmark, but on an international level.

With our aquisition of the League of Legends roster, and Counter Strike Global Offensive we are ready to take 2017 by storm.

With our new website, partnership deals, and incoming sponsorship deals we are looking forward to creating much more with Magistra. The speed at which everything is taking off is astounding and we are looking to December to cement the plans we have for 2017. We hope that you will follow our journey, and keep yourselves updated via our social media channels and via our new website!

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