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POSTED BY Teo 16 March, 2017 in Overwatch
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Today the 16th of March we are pleased to announce a new addition to Magistra. We are expanding into Overwatch with a promising roster of players that are getting ready to step up to the plate. We have been searching for a while for the right combination of players, and looking to the community as a whole in Denmark to find that team. We are happy to present the Magistra Overwatch lineup. We are going to be starting off by attending online events, and have already prepared to get the team launched at an upcoming Danish LAN event soon. We are super stoked to have this team join Magistra as they have shown to be first movers in what is hopefully going to be the start of an amazing career for the players! Remember that you can always follow updates on our facebook page.

The Players

Martin “Mono” Madsen (Flex Support)

Dan “Tekkenn” Nguyen (DPS)

Bertram “SpoXes” Hvass (Flex DPS)

Martin “Fatez” Khodzhojan (Off Tank)

Nichlaes “Tankz” Harder (Main Tank)

Danni “Ding” Rasmussen (Flex Support)

We got the team captain Danni “Ding” Rasmussen has taken the time to reply to some words about where we are going to go from here with the team.

The Overwatch scene is just starting out here in Denmark, what are you expectations for the future of the Danish Overwatch scene?

The Danish Overwatch scene in its current state is a bit lackluster, but not without potential for stable growth. I feel like the roster we have acquired is a great mix of talented youngsters and experienced players, in both Overwatch and from previous pro scene games.

What kind of team have you gathered, who are these guys?

The team I gathered is a nice mix of high end competitive players, we are at a solid 4400 average rating, in the past we played together a lot in regular competitive and some of us played together on previous teams. Personally, I have a background in League of Legends, others have a background in competitive WoW. Everyone has some kind of experience from other games which I think gives diversity in our team. We have a lot of fun together when we play, and we are also friends when we are not just playing as a team. We have an open team environment and emphasize on being able to speak to each other, so any problems that will occur are encouraged to be spoken about.

Where do you see the team going in the short term?

In the coming months, my expectations for the team would be to get all the scrim experience we can get and field out the way we play as a team by getting to know each other’s play styles better. Overwatch is a game of team synergy, and I think it is important that we synergise both in game and when we are just hanging out. We all love the game, but we know that we have to work hard to get to where we want to go.

What expectations does the team have for a longer term stake in the Overwatch esport scene?

My primary expectations as a team is to grow together through scrims and various tournaments, acquiring all the experience we can and grow stronger from those experiences. We aim to please, so stability by playing over time, and also by getting results are our primary objective. Overall as a team, our expectations for the near future lie in Europe, becoming among the base of top 10 European Overwatch teams. We have a stable base to start off with and we strive for improvement, always staying competitive and too make sure that we are a force to be reckoned with.

The vision, mission, and goal are important for all teams regardless of esport, where do you stand out?

I think our horizon is somewhat broad now, we know that our players have the individual skill to compete at an extremely high level, but we need the coordination and comfort of playing together in the future. What will set us apart isn’t something I want to discuss, we want to show it via our results. That’s what people are waiting to see. We are realistic and ambitious, there is no set goal as to where we want to end, but we definitely have some milestones that we have to reach. The first one would be to become the best Danish team, acting as a solid contender in the European region and poke at the American teams as well. But with all that said, we are of course aiming high.

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