Magistras League of Legends Team Win Insomnia 59

POSTED BY Teo 13 December, 2016 in League of legends
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Friday the 9th of December the League of Legends team for Magistra took off looking to play through the UK Open at Insomnia Gaming Festival 59. It is the biggest LAN event in the UK and we were looking to get top 3, but we went home with the gold.

Our lineup for the event was (from left to right) Grisen, Doxy, Deadly, Cboi, and Priskornet!

We are happy to have played through the group stages with relative ease, and meeting our hardest opponent MnM Gaming from the UK. They recently qualified for the UK Masters Challenger Series tournament and were a hard team to match. We faced them already behind by 1 point in a best of five final, and lost the first round on the grand finals stage. With everything settled the team made a call to take it slow behind scenes and went back out there.

We made some amazing plays, baron steals, and fought our way back from our 2 round deficit and won 3 rounds in a row, making us the Champions of the Insomnia UK Open 59 Tournament for League of Legends. We have shown that our team has the level and now we return with plans of going full on strong.

On Tuesday we play our own qualifier rounds to get into the challenger series qualifiers at 19! We are aiming high, and delivering!

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