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POSTED BY Eutaku 24 May, 2017 in Counter-strikeMedia, Organization,
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We are happy to be announcing our new CS:GO Roster for Magistra! Yesterday we finalized the beginning of our new CS:GO roster that has been playing without an org for a while. We have been looking for the right team for a while and we feel like we have found the perfect roster at this point.

Today we take the step to bring in a new team into the fold. We have decided to take it slow since both the team, and our organisation has been picking up tempo lately. We recently picked up a new CEO, Sebastian Grassmé, and have some more surprises in store. With the team onboard we now have a clear and talented presence in the Cs:Go scene in Denmark. I speak for the entire team at Magistra when I say we are excited to see where this will lead us! – Allan Petersen


Thomas ‘haste’ Dyrensborg
Max ‘neon’ Mazur
Benjamin ‘tabu’ Vangstrup
Martin ‘martiNwk’ Johannsen
Michel ‘SNR’ Sander

We are happy to have the chance to create something with Magistra and their new managment plus sponsors! We want to represent as Magistra the next month and a half and will see what the future has in store for us! It’s amazing to just be able to play CS and not have to think about all kinds of other things! – Thomas ‘Haste’ Dyrensborg

We are looking forward to having a great team representing Magistra in the Danish CS:GO scene, and abroad. These players have sparked our interest and we hope to be a gracious host for them in the future. Currently we are starting up in a trial period and making sure that all our plans mesh properly, and we are looking forward to working together with the guys!

The team will be participating in the ESEA Main tournament, GO Champions League, and Dust2 Masters. We are happy to have the guys onboard. The future is bright.

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