Player Profile: Emil ‘Grisen’ Brouwer

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Player Profile:Grisen LoL

Name: Emil Brouwer
Handle: Grisen
Age: 20
Role: Support
From: Amager, Denmark
Elo: Diamond 1

How did you get into League of Legends and competitive eSports?

I started to play because my brothers played back in 2010, and then it was just to be about being the best of the three. In the beginning it was just for fun, and suddenly there were a whole bunch of people in the community that I go to know. So then I decided to be better than them. Then the LCS came along and I got inspired to go for that, and started getting out of the house and playing with other people. The competition is pretty much what brings me into the game. Now my life is pretty much League of Legends.

What motivates you as a player?

Like I said before, I want to be the best. I love the strategical side of the game, and making plays. Outsmarting people in lane, and showing that you know how to play as a team is great. This is why I love playing support, a lot of people think that we are just chilling, but usually I go into team fights thinking, “It’s my time to shine”. :D!

If you did not get into League of Legends, what do you think you would be doing today? eating pizza

I seriously have no idea. I’d probably be a productive adult, or playing some other competitive sport on the side. I live to win.

What is one thing you wish to improve on as a player?

Since I work as the shot caller, I think staying in the meta is important. I am also the ingame leader of the team, and I am always looking for ways to make sure that we as a team have the best possible start and win in pick phase. Shotcalling is probably my prefered area of improvement. Yelling out BACK BACK BACK and EXDEE in game died about 3 years ago. The game is so much more now, and I have to stay ontop of things.

What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve in professional League of Legends?

LCS would be fine, but in reality I just want to see if I can keep a League team in Denmark together for more than a few weeks at a time. Kappa. The guys we play with right now have huge potential, but getting there together would be amazing.

The main thing is building on the travels, memories, and experiences. Making a living off of League would be the go to place for me.

What do you think about the Danish League of Legends scene?

*Dabs* I think that we have a pretty bleek scene right now. The “best” tournament is Copenhagen Games, and personally I think it’s a joke. There is as it stands now, no reason for Danish talent to stay together and anyone with talent actively from Day 1 of getting into the game looks to go aboard as soon as they get good. It would be nice to see something pop up and stabilise the scene.

Powerlan was probably the best event of the year last year, and this year, I am hoping for more events to pop up!

As it is right now, the scene is just stuck, and has been for a long time now. Foreign interests out compete us organisationally, and tournament wise. At least we have a great airport for all our players to leave Denmark with. Right now our team is holding strong, and I really admire then for that. We have turned down offers left and right to stay together, and we aim to stay together for a while. Hopefully we can be a voice to help talk about what needs to be done, as with our tournament wins, we can calmly say that we are the best Danish team.

Even tricked imploded due to foreign pressures, and I look to them as an example as what will happen if we don’t stick together. Its risky for us to stay in Denmark as players will lose interest and move on as we have no real opportunities here. Thats why we are happy to be able to have gone to Insomnia in England and win, and going to Dreamhack and other Nordic events in the coming months.

No one really seems to care about League of Legends in Denmark right now, and that’s about the truth of it.

Who is your favorite League of Legends player outside of Magistra?

Xerxe is probably my favorite player. He seems super humble, and willing to learn and play together. He is super dominating in the jungle, and doesn’t seem super arrogant. I really like the way he plays and behaves as a player. Really an inspiration to me.

What has been your biggest tilt moment in League of Legends?

Oh wow. So many. Ragnarok 2016 when AOD steals baron with Tam Kench Q over wall ending up costing us the tournament. I titled so hard you’d think I was the titanic 10 minutes after that iceberg hit. I don’t really tilt though, I just move forward, but that was really insane.

Whats your biggest win moment in League of Legends?

To be honest the first LAN I won was super huge. The first one is always the most special one. I played at some small rinky LAN in Jylland, and we beat out everyone. I felt like a god. Looking back at it, not so godlike. :D!

The end!

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