Winning PatchLAN and Future Goals

POSTED BY Teo 18 January, 2017 in League of legendsOrganization,
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We are happy to say that we took the win at PatchLAN without any huge problems. The team was set and ready, and the new roster played well together. For the entirity of the tournament there was only one round in which we lost a turret, and the LAN itself gathered some of the best League of Legends players around.

Fragsters debuted their new team, which we have high hopes for, but the real surprise for us came from DHG eSport. Their team played really well for the amount of time they have individually been on the scene. Meeting us in the finals. However they couldn’t shake our resolve to win.

We took the victory and interviewed our team captain Emil ‘Grisen’ Brouwer about the tournament, and our future goals and ambitions.

Now we sit and reflect over the Danish scene, and hope to be a part of many more tournaments there. However the future for the team now that we have proved our worth at home and aboard, is to take major international tournaments, until we can qualify for Challenger Series. We do not hide our ambition, and we are aiming for the very top.

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